FTAA+10 – South Florida Food Not Bombs Calls For A Weekend of Justice in Miami

Ten years ago the world saw the free trade agenda laid bare on the streets of Miami during the FTAA protests – an agenda of exploitation and disaster capitalism enforced by police brutality and corporate-state monopoly. Several disastrous occupations and financial crises later the situation has hardly improved, and more neo-liberal structural adjustments are coming to America with the Trans-Pacific Partnership combined with the global “post-crisis” austerity agenda.

Therefore SFL FNB calls for advocates of economic and social justice to plan to converge the weekend of November 15-17. We wish to create and collaborate working groups for the topics of community & interfaith justice, police & state violence, anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, & free trade itself, and we welcome further additions as well.

Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs itself will seek to share food for the convergence, hold workshops, and collaborate on an Anarchist Book Fair. If you would like to join or create a working group for FTAA+10, please contact us at

swampzine (at) gmail.com.

if you are interested we will be forming a spokes council in the coming weeks for different aspects of planning this convergence to build their vision for the FTAA+10.