victory against family dollar in El Prado

On may 14th a few of us with the local  food not bombs chapter in taos and a whole lota members of the El Prado community came out to the city council hearing that was discussing the building permit for a brand new family dollar to be built in El prado.  El Prado is a small farming town that has mostly family owned small businesses that rely on the local economy and tourism.  The proposed family dollar was guaranteed to help build the local economy by providing jobs and affordable products to the local farmers and indigenous Peublo community…lol

The building planner was trying to convince us and the city commissioners of how great of an idea it is by making the building more authentic and cultural by using stucco and adobe …. more lols. Well after many hours of flyering and petitioning and outreach to the community, we had a huge turnout.  So many people came out to speak against family dollar, old, young and new folks came.  It was extremely empowering, points were made about how family dollar is exploitive localy and afar, destructive to the character and local economy of el prado, and about how corporate america is just plain fucked up.  Members had powerful presentations and talked about how they personally went door to door to everyone in the area and found out that pretty much no one wanted it there.

Typical corporate america bull shit

Folks who were working on the campaign against family dollar had legitimate concerns and went to the planning meeting for family dollar weeks prior.  The family dollar representative told them flat out if you try to stop us we will sue your town and build it anyway.  This is how they operate threats and exploitation.  the funny thing is they weren’t gonna provide new jobs they were gonna bring in current employees and have a contracted work force come in and build the building, plus all the money goes to a Corporate HQ in colorado. Millions of dollars taken from the local community to go into the hands of an 8 billion dollar company that doesnt give a shit about any local community.

Victory is ours

After over 20 people spoke, the city commission basically cancelled the entire plan which wasn’t the agenda item because they had already approved it.  But the problem was the community did not get a chance to speak out and they did; without a single supporting comment.  Thats democracy in action so i urge you to not give up and go to your local city commission hearings that are important to you and speak your mind!