World Gathering Less Than A Month Away!

2012 Food Not Bombs World Gathering in Tampa, FL 8.20.2012 That’s right: August 20th, the first day of the Food Not Bombs World Gathering is just around the corner!

We’re hard at work in Tampa planning all entertainment, education, and other events that will be taking places during that week in the Tampa Bay area. Above all, though, we are working on gathering the materials and supplies necessary to make this event successful. We are building the capacity to not only share food with the Tampa community throughout the week of the Gathering, but the protestors that will be showing up for the Republican National Convention next week.

So here is what we need most:

Dry and canned food, particularly beans, rice, potatos, pasta, canned veggies.


Cooking supplies:
Cooking oil, dish washing soap, hard plastic and disposable dishes, silverware, serving utensils, large pots and pans, tables, chairs

and closer to the event:
fresh fruit and veggies, and lumber and other building materials for a stage and other structures we’ll be working on for World Gathering events.

And finally, here’s a schedule of some of the siginificant events for the Food Not Bombs Gathering – all events are free!

Daily at Voice of Freedom Park, 2101 W. Main St, Tampa:

Warm-ups & exercises 9 am
Brunch 10 am
Dinner & General Assembly 7 pm

Monday, August 20th: Workshops throughout the day including “How to start a Free Skool” and “How to Start a Food Not Bombs Chapter”
Kick-off event with food, music, puppet shows, and kick-ball at Voice of Freedom Park, 5 pm.

Tuesday, August 21st: Workshops on conflict resolution, survival tactics, and knot tying, various locations.

Wednesday: Workshops on protest theater, clown bloq, medicinal plants, permaculture, gardening, canning, and preserving, various locations. Also a late night scavenger hunt!

Thursday, August 23rd:  Workshops on parade puppets, copwatch, and DIY bike repair.

Friday, August 24th: Workshops on DIY solar energy, I.W.W organizing and a special assembly: “What is the Future of Food Not Bombs?”

Saturday, August 25th: Free all-ages show at Market on 7th in Ybor, featuring David Rovics, Vermin Supreme, and more! Space will be available at Voice of Freedom Camp during the event for campers and other options may become available as the event gets closer. Please contact if you want to help with supplies for the event or want to help put together an event for the World Gathering.