Media Using Suspected Police Informants to Smear Tampa FNB & Occupy Activists

As the days move closer to the Food Not Bombs World Gathering and the March on the Republican National Convention, mainstream media attention on the planning for these events in Tampa has significantly increased. However rather than focus on people who are facilitating the sharing of food for thousands of people or peaceful demonstrations, or speaking to those that can tell the public at large why resistance to the GOP agenda is so important, the media seems only capable of speaking to known agent saboteurs. In particular, the press has carried ink on more than one occasion in just the past couple of weeks from one Thomas Parisi, described in the press as a “spokesperson” for the Occupy movement, and described by fellow Occupiers as a violent drug addict and police informant. Many articles go as far as describing the arguments and conflicts that Parisi has been known for months for creating in Miami and Tampa as reasons why protestors are “struggling to maintain momentum.”

It’s gotten to the point that activists are starting to put together all of their data on Parisi to out him. So far the list includes arrests for heroin possession, videos of him intentionally disrupting Occupy Miami Assemblies, and even logged online attempts to apply for funding to be a police informant (!).

Parisi has also found a common ally in Al Suarez, another manipulative homeless activist who has been banned from several Occupy camps due to accusations of sexual assault. They now have their own false version of the Occupy the RNC website, much as Parisi did to disrupt Occupy Miami in 2011.

Occupy Tampa recently passed a declaration demanding that the press stop intentionally sourcing agent saboteurs such as Parisi when speaking about RNC activities.

Food Not Bombs shows its full support for the continued organization towards the Food Not Bombs Gathering and the demonstrations against the Republican National Convention, and fully commends activists’ diligence in combating the propaganda and disruptions created by the Florida police state and the mentally disturbed allies that are collaborating with them.



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