REMINDER: FNB Blog Open to All!

February 28, 2012

Only a month old, and the Food Not Bombs blog is doing exactly what we’d hoped – raised the profile and attention for Food Not Bombs and affiliate activists from all across the world, from Serbia, to Russia, to Boston, to here in South Florida

So I’m just taking a moment to remind everyone, that all you have to do to let the world know about what your Food Not Bombs chapter or affiliate group gets up to is create a log-in and post it. (We will briefly hold it for approval to make sure it’s not spam.) You can write about what your chapter does to help the homeless, direct action you’ve taken part in, recipes, and news and events in your area of the world…hope to hear from you soon!

3 Responses to REMINDER: FNB Blog Open to All!

  1. Douglas Wise on February 29, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I just heard about your group today as I was reading a book on US history by Howard Zinn. The author says that in the nineties hundreds were arrested “again and again” for distributing food to the poor without a license. My two questions are: Why was a license needed? And why didn’t these volunteers get one? The author mentioned the name Keith McHenry and that it was somewhere on the west coast. Does anyone know the answer to my questions? Douglas

    • patches on March 2, 2012 at 3:01 pm

      Periodically cities have done this to contain or remove homeless populations by moving where they get their resources. Whenever this happens, Food Not Bombs resists because we believe that human rights are incompatible with permits. I’ll see if Keith is available to answer your question more fully, however, since I was not involved in the San Fran campaign.

    • Keith McHenry on March 3, 2012 at 2:22 am

      There really was no license required. This was the reason the city of San Francisco gave to the media but when one tried to get a license that was not possible. At one point we had a federal judge order the city to give us a license or stop arresting us. As a result we had two food facility permits and a parks permit for about half a year but the city suspended the food facility permit when we didn’t have it hanging on our tent and a homeless person took a slice of cake before the permit was displayed. The first judge moved to Washington D.C. so we were before a second judge Judge Vaughn Walker. He did not support Food Not Bombs so we lost all our cases before him. In 1993 the mayor, Frank Jordan, deleted the parks permit but we applied 136 times, one time for every time the mayor told the media that all we had to do was apply for a license but the city never even sent us a letter saying they wouldn’t give it to us. We realized that the license idea was not real and encourage all Food Not Bombs groups to ignore any suggestion of a license. As soon as a Food Not Bombs group starts to seek a license it gives the city a reasonable sounding reason to keep us from sharing food. I am Keith McHenry and I will be speaking on the west coast this March and April. Thanks Keith