Supporting the Occupations

January 24, 2012

Food Not Bombs is in a position to really help sustain the occupations. The evictions were rough but I think we should encourage a return to public space. It may be symbolic at first with cardboard “tents” and other forms of theater but over time as the economy crashes we may find it increasingly possible to add real tents. This does not mean the other off site actions aren’t important. The government is trying to blame the participation of the homeless on why the occupations are unsafe. We know many of the homeless eating at the occupations. We can support calm and respect with our homeless friends and make it clear that they are a growing part of the 99 %. Many Food Not Bombs volunteers have been calling me about the effort to pit the homeless against the not yet homeless or newly homeless occupiers. If we can find solutions to this argument and help reclaim public space the occupations might just transform society.


One Response to Supporting the Occupations

  1. patches on January 24, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    This has been a very delicate balance, many people in Occupy expected to take part in some kind of glorious struggle only to end up constantly dealing with homeless issues they’d never really given much thought to. I’ve met quite a few Occupiers that are incredibly hostile to the homeless and are unable to accept the fact that these are the people really suffering because of corporate greed and are an integral part of the struggle that they are only now joining now that it is hurting them, often in ways far less severe than a displaced or poverty-stricken person.
    Ultimately if OWS is going to become a real mass movement many will move on to other tactics (Occupation camps are not necessarily the best way to fight militarism, environmental destruction, or foreclosure issues) as others stay committed to them, and this is already occurring. A balance will be struck if everyone sticks with it.