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The Food Not Bombs blog is an unofficial news & reporting blog for Food Not Bombs members world-wide. It features upcoming events, stories from FNB members, and news from FNB chapters.

If you would like to submit news or your own personal story about FNB, please feel free to create a log-in and submit it. We will review it but because Food Not Bombs belongs to everybody we will post anything that is relevant and does not contain offensive content.

FNB itself is an international movement dedicated to upending inequality created globally by governments who spend more on their military than they do feeding their own people, through free food sharings, community outreach, and direct action.

For more information about FNB, how to find local chapters, and more, visit foodnotbombs.net


3 Responses to About The FNB Blog & More

  1. Lily Lynch on January 26, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Hey, used to live in a co-op in Berkeley where we prepared Food Not Bombs meals for the homeless. I thought you guys might be interested in this story for your blog, about occupied military barracks across former Yugoslavia:


    • patches on January 27, 2012 at 6:52 pm

      That is a beautiful article! Would you mind registering on the site & reposting it yourself? That way you get all the credit on the blog post and can make sure it has the links you want – you’ve earned it!

  2. Sean Michael Wilson on April 5, 2012 at 4:24 am

    Something that may be of interest to you at FNB. Our book PARECOMIC, please support it if you can – Noam Chomsky is!

    ‘Parecomic: Michael Albert and the Story of Participatory Economics’ by Sean Michael Wilson and Carl Thompson, with an introduction by Noam Chomsky.

    We now have a lovely KICKSTARTER drive up and running, for our documentary style graphic novel – PARECOMIC. Its a 220 page graphic novel we are working on now and very much enjoying, but need a bit of funding support on.

    “…a graphic novel about something that affects us all: the system we live in – what’s wrong with it, and how we might be able change it for the better! The recent upsurge in popular protest in the USA and around the world shows that people are not happy with the state of things. The Occupy movements show us that many people would prefer a better system, a model that will work for the 99%, not just the 1%.”

    So, please go and have a look at the info and video there, and pledge some funding support if you like the PARECOMIC project. Maybe about $40 would be good – as that level gets you the book as a ‘reward’ for the support. The money is only a PLEDGE at first, it does not get taken out of your account now, its taken out about 2 months later, if the total target money is made. To pledge you just select an amount from the choices on the right side, and it processes it via amazon:



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