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Happy Birthday, OWS!

What a joy it was to participate in their 1 year anniversary. There were polar bears, and cops, and Reverend Billy, and cops, and vegan birthday cake, and cops…you get the idea. We also got to visit Long Island Food…

Mama Nature vs. The Foreclosure Crisis – by the Autonomous Playhouse!

It’s the first full-length puppet epic from the Autonomous Playhouse to hit the interwebz, made special for our foreclosure resistance allies all across America…check it out, and join the fight against home theft! the autonomous playhouse, the food…

Food Not Bombs tune and video from Taylor & Young

Hey all you food lovin’ folks out there! A new single and video has just been released from Taylor & Young. It’s a tune all about Food Not Bombs.
buy the tune here
As always, a portion of the $ will go to support underfunded community groups, in this case, Food Not Bombs !
Taylor & Young will be playing another installation on The FUSE Tour tomorrow, let’s see if you can catch us! YEEHAAAAA!