*Updated* Hallandale Beach Puppy Store Ban In the Works – Come Take A Stand!


The original date for the proposal was postponed – to Wednesday, April 4th, at 6 pm – see you there!


Dedicated animal rights activists in Broward County have spent several years for this moment; a first of its kind puppy store ban in Hallandale Beach. This proposal will be voted on by the City Commission on March 21st at 6:00 pm.

The sale of puppies is a double-sided tragedy in South Florida.

Far, far too many people in our communities pay hundreds of dollars for puppies who are bred in deplorable puppy mills. These are almost without exception run by unprofessional, under-regulated people who care little for the animals they are breeding and pay as little attention as possible to their welfare and needs in order to maximize profits. A perennial story for a puppy buyer is someone who spends hundreds of dollars on a pure-bred dog who is undernourished and rife with preventable diseases. This practice deserves to be ended nation-wide.

Second is the daily genocide of sheltered dogs in Florida. Even as you are reading this, dogs every bit as beautiful and special as the ones you may care for in your homes are being killed by shelter employees in notorious places such as the Miami Dade Animal Shelter. It is a duty of anyone who truly calls themselves an “animal-lover” to save animals lives by adopting them and not shopping for them like a pair of shoes!

Advocates of animals in South Florida, unite at this commission meeting, and turn the tide in Broward county against the senseless slaughter of innocent animals.

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