To Commander X – Stay Free, and Thanks!

First I’d just like to apologize for never sending off a letter care of your attorney in SoCal…but it’s far better to hear that I have no chance of contacting you now a’tall! (For, in case everyone hasn’t heard, Commander X, AKA Christopher Doyon, flew the coop a few weeks ago.)

Food Not Bombs is not exactly cut out to mesh with Anonymous. There were some silly things said and done that didn’t exactly sit well…particularly since I couldn’t help but hope the DNS attacks would have an impact.

But around the time Buddy Dyer’s name was being read and instantly despised by people all around the world, on BBC, Democracy Now, and so forth, mostly as a result of the hack attacks… a funny thing happened, at least in Fort Lauderjail. Some cities have still pushed ahead with discriminatory policies, but a feeding ban has been way, way off the table here. They’re  still sending their goons out to harass the homeless every day, sure, but it’s a quiet sort of detente. Similarly, Lake Eola is still rich-people-only, but Orlando FNB is able to share twice a week downtown, and I don’t think it would’ve been possible without the fact that Dyer’s name was a rising star amongst America’s most despised Mayors thanks to “Operation Orlando.”

So, thanks Commander X, and while I’m pretty sure a lot of FNB people think you’re a delusional pile of crap, others that are less chatty than me also probably agree with me as well. And as far as ducking the charges go? You were pretty clear from the start you didn’t believe in the authority that was trying to imprison you in the first place. The fact that you’ve been homeless for some time further illuminates the fact that being part of a nation, being privy to their laws…is a choice. It requires consent. So why would you let them follow through on locking you up? We need more people taking risks by defying the state, and not just making martyrs of themselves by complying with their own wrongful, fascistic imprisonments.  If I were to speculate, I should think you too know that you have a lot more to offer staying free north of the border. So good luck with that, freebird…

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