Working on local organic farms

This past weekend (feb 24-26) local fnb activists from ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, fl trekked to okechobee, to volunteer on varri green farms.  Varri green farms is a 20 acre farm of mostly natural Everglades in okechobee fl. About 8 volunteers showed up to help out the awesome residents of the farm with gardening tasks such as trimming trees, removing evasive species, hoeing and pulling crops for the upcoming summer harvest.  Most of us huddled in the stationary bus that was converted into a living space for volunteers while others set up tents throughout the glades.  Many stars Glistened over head while we reminisced by a large fire enjoying cheese and wine and large salads of fresh produce we had just pulled earlier tha day.  Nearby is a shed that holds their sprouting coolers and kombucha brewing containers powered by solar panels. This successful event should be an ongoing effort for activists to start organizing and volunteering with local organic farms to create a better relationship with our food.  If we want to stop companies that genetically alter our food it’s gona take more that shopping at whole foods we have to promote organic farming and get dirty!

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